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SG-1 DVD's for sale

I have seasons 3-6 and 8 of Stargate SG-1 I'm selling. Season 6 was autographed and I'm asking a little more for it.

Link with photo's and prices: http://community.livejournal.com/heathers_junk/9829.html#cutid1

I need the extra cash and as much I don't want to part with these the need of new car tires is more important at the moment.

Feb. 24th, 2008

Dear Anne Rice,


Poor Lestat...Going even more crazy to find God...

GRRR!! VC needed to end much better than how she ended them with that last book. Which I never bothered to finish.


All work in here is mine and is subject to my moments of nuttyness to write something when words are spit out of my head.

Title: Worn Pages

Written words to express
So little time mortals have
We come and go
Like the passing of days
As the summer days end
As do we
I leave my life in pages.
Books tell the story,
All need be done
Is to read it's pages.
Pages of books are like humans,
they become old and creased
With each passing of the year,
a little more of us is worn away.



*~*In the darkness I hide
It embraces me with open arms
It's cool kisses cascade down my bare arms
The darkness holds me in place
No barrier cannot penetrate this force
The night is mysterious in many ways
Shall I know who you are?
Must I be made to endure such secrets
I cannot bare not knowing
I yearn to be with you, Be as you are.
Embrace me with your dark kiss.
Drink deeply of the rich potency that sustains you,
Make me your Child of Darkness
Liquid fire fills my mouth
It burns, but it fills me with such ecstasy
Pain fills my body and soul.
Mortal death comes, but swiftly
Reborn with The Dark Gift
Forever damned to the shadows
With my immortal beloved


Title: I Need You

I wander this world alone,
Unable to look to another soul for comfort,
Why couldn't I protect him?
I still remember his touch,
That first kiss,
The time we made love under the sakura,
I watched you die,
Watched you be impaled by the dagger
I did nothing,
I could only watch you die,
Allow my tears to spill for you,
Why did we have to be chosen?
The Fates are cruel
They hold my strings and use me
I'm but a puppet to them.
I want to be free
I want to perish,
Let the other four guardians be summoned,
I cannot bare the weight no more,
I need to hear him,
I need you, Okita
I miss your touches
Your lips on my flesh
I miss it all.
Until then,
I must wander the mortal world, alone.


Title: DEATH

This life is meaningless
Each day it repeats
Each day it never offers a change
Life is worthless
What is life's meaning?
Why must I endure it further?
Can you not see my soul is dying?
It withers away more
Nothing can be done to cure it,
I want death,
To feel death's cold touch
Feel the blackness of death.
Have it embrace me with open arm's
I can't take it anymore,
I can't stand to awake another day,
I can't stand the one's around me,
I can't wait for death to claim me.
Take me now, away from here.
I offer my soul to the reaper freely,
Take my soul,
End this repeating cycle,
Remove me from the living realm.
Take me far away,
Away from the accusing voices,
Let my soul descend into hell,
Torment me in the flames,
I am, but a doll,
I have begun to fall from my stool
Let me shatter,
Just as my soul is freed,
from the vessel of flesh it inhabits.
Take me reaper,
My soul is yours...


Title: Goodbye Master

Gone he is,
his soul has fled the shell
defeated ever so simply
how could I have not made that last step?
Prevented I could have.
Prevented I did not.
I held you in my arms
I shed my tears
My soul aked to feel yours fading
Don't leave me Master
So much I had planed for
Now I watch the flames eat your husk.
Your beautiful soul is gone,
your husk begins to turn to ash.
Given to me they are,
I head for the highest point in Coruscant,
The wind nips around me
I clench the urn with you in it.
I watch the sun rise alone
yet, I sense you beside me Master.
A simple kiss I give to you,
this is our farewell...
I watch the gray vanish with the wind,
I remain tall, yet my tears still fall.
Goodbye my beloved Master...


Title: In Darkness

Sleep thy child in darkness
Hither away from the shadows
beware the fingers of death
watch for the grim!
He'll strike thy child down
run from it thy child
he's coming for you
run harder...
Feel it thy child?
that is death's cold breath
caressing down your spine
nimble skeletal hands touching your flesh?
Close thy eyes...
Death has come
lay to rest in this pit.
Death's pit of despair.


Title: No Rum?

Oh bugger
Stealin’ me bloody dirt they are!
Oh bugger.
Stealin’ me bloomin’ rum as well!
Oh bugger, bugger!
Barbossoa stole me blasted Pearl again!
And here I be sittin’ in a dingy!
No rum,
No dirt,
Oh wait,
Who needs a jar of dirt now?
Now sail do I!
To re-claim me ship
And more rum.


Title: Sad Tunes

Echo’s in the wind
Chime’s playing with the wind
Echoing a sad tune,
Passing on so goes the wind
Passing of the souls
The passing of a life
Echoing it’s pain
The chimes they sing
Oh how the soul’s sing
This sad melody
It makes even the chimes weep
Echoing it’s sad Melody
Never ending are the currents.
The winds carry this tune.
Forever to be heard
The pain of loss.


Title: No feeling

Why do you cry
What is this pain you feel?
I know not this pain
I wish I knew what it felt like.
Then you said to me;
‘Why are you so cold.’
Know not do I.
For I wish I did
Never to understand pain
To never feel pain.
What a bliss this must be.


Title: Dead Heart

A heart can beat
A heart can flutter
A heart can be broken
A heart can skip
A heart can feel love
Yet my heart feels nothing.
It’s been broken.
No more repairs
The lies have killed it.
The betrayals have killed it.
The use of it was long used up.
Weaker the heart beats.
Till than…
No more beats echo.
Only silence of a broken heart.


Pairing: Anakin/Obi-Wan
Warnings: AU end of ROTS(kinda after the movie sorta...)
Summary: Just made this one up...Very dark and evil Ani who doesn't want Obi-Wan to get away so easily...

I can't breathe,
I'm suffocating by these memories.
Why can't they go away?
I want to cry.
Yet, my broken body won't allow it.
I hate him,
Yet...I long for him.
I miss the tender touches
I long for the perfectly molded body
I should hate him
Why can't I hate you?!
I hate you!
I hate you!
I hate you!
You stole my heart!
You stole my body!
You stole my wife!
You stole my child!
You destroyed me!
I crave to harm you
I want you to wither!
Suffer as I have,
know what the flames of hell are like!
Yes, it would be befitting
my Master...
Did you think you could hide?
You were foolish!
Just like the rest.
Now I have you.
Your mine!
Mine, to do with as I see befit.
Mine, to torment.
Mine, to use in body and soul.
Your tears are mine,
Your life is mine!
Everything wholly-mortal are mine.
Just as my son is mine.
You were a fool to try,
I could sense my own flesh and blood,
the boy will be my apprentice,
and you my beloved Obi-Wan Kenobi...
Will be mine!
You will take your place as my consort,
a simple minded whore to pleasure me.
You should be happy,
yet I sense your defiance strongly,
no matter...
In time you will be broken,
like all of the rest.
Than I shall take great pleasure,
knowing I broke Obi-Wan Kenobi.
As only as a Sith Lord can enjoy.
Your mine,
Mine until you die,
and in death you WILL belong to me.


Nov. 27th, 2007

Well I ordered my $1428.00 HP Entertainment Notebook

Only 2 weeks till that arrives, but once I'm paid up with Bills/etc for the month of Dec Starting Janurary I will have to pay my grandfather back 50 a week to pay him back.

I also relize even IF I mange to pay this off befoure June I got to SAVE!!! For DRAGONCON!

I don't know what it will be for gas, etc...Straving myself I'm used to at the cons so that's not a huge deal, I can live with that.

But I need to order my con badge more thne likely in this following month's time frame I got 3 people to still buy for, my usual bills, but I SHOULD! Be able to cover it just barely and my car tabs.

Like I said guys Ohayocon was very much out for the 2008 year for me. Dragon Con is my higher priority.

XBOX System and Bundle FOR SALE

I have an Xbox System, and other goodies with it all for sale. I would like to sell everything as a set if possible. I just can't get a feel for this system and I really don't care for it. I'm happy with just my PS2 so I'm keeping that.

I'm willing to take offers for the entire bundle, I would rather try here befoure dealing with EBAY.

Here is the list of everything you are getting.
*XBOX System
*2 Controllers
*1 DDR Dance Pad
*3 Games: Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic II, Jade Empire, DDR:UltraMax2
*11 DEMO disks(all of which are mostly 2002 game Demo's)
*System booklet

This will need to be mailed Priority Mail with insursance.

I can take PAYPAL and Money Orders only.


System works perfectly, and I've had no problem with it. All items come from a smoke free home.

Pictures of all the stuffCollapse )

Selling my Darth Anima costume

The Darth Anima costume has been retired for my personal use anyway and a new one will be constructed sometime in 2008. All funds made off the DRESS/TUNIC and sash wil lbe paying towards my costume funds for a project I hope to complete befoure MAY of 2008.

Cosplay costume for Wizard/Sith, Jedi/Sith Robe and BOOTS!! ALL ITEMS MUST GO!!Collapse )


The more views I get the better a chance I stand on getting into the final round!

Send the link to others to help me out!

URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUwGTFDnIFk

God oh fucking mighty I'm tired. Of course for the Harry Potter book release I got stuck workign Friday and Saturday with shifts of 2-10 and for Sunday I work again 2-8 and then I come home eat dinner....watch THE 4400 and pray I can read the rest of my book or finish it all on Monday.

Jul. 20th, 2007

The movie is done!! Please watch it and rate it for me!!

The more views I get the better a chance I stand on getting into the final round!

Send the link to others to help me out!

URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUwGTFDnIFk

Gender Switch: Is what this little movie is entitled. The idea came to me one night while working at my old job I hated with every ounce of my being and I figured why not turn it into a mini movie? MY friend Mary co-stars as John as I play McKay. I make no money off this, just doing this for fun! Your comments are much welcomed.