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Well I'm going to Motor City Comic Con.

YAY! I love friends who actally give a damn about their friends and not just themselves.

Dar and Panda talked sense into me and got me to try the whole 'being soical thing' once again. Much to my dismay it involed me getting dragged out into the mall which met dealing with the public and huge crowds since I spent a month in isolation and starting to bottle up everything since nobody seemed to give a rats ass I was on my way into a nice spell of depression.

My appitie is slowly comming back, but I still can't sit and wolf down an entire pizza like I used to, which I guess is good though. I'm already fat.

Viv is learning to keep her mouth shut, but the tempation to be mean back to her is chewing in the back of my mind and I keep resisting to do it.

Ah yes, Motor City Comic Con.

I will be attending, but I don't think I will be able to afford Dragon*Con now due to these debuts I'm stuck in. I had planned for a 3 day trip over in Grand Rpaids i nthe state and I don't want to miss it.

Unless I do some serious ass commisons and reach my goal of 1500.00 for D*C Nobody will be seeing me once again. I want to go but finically I don't think I can afford it and then turn around and have to pay for Youmacon and two months later Ohayocon.

I know I'll have Morgan to room with and maybe some other Michiganer's but I think I'd honestly feel safer with one more bout in the Midwest Region befoure I venture further out to do something.

Many of you know my reasons why I prefer this method. I know our Midwest 'family' better and I can always spot a friendly face I've seen sevral times from Youmacon.

Ohayocon it's currently:
*Fluff Jedi

I think I'm keeping the roomies down to 5. I'm not going to do anymore then that. Since I'm staying at the Durry Inn again.


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May. 4th, 2008 12:32 pm (UTC)
Heh, I was going to go to that but something else came up and I couldn't go. xD
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