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They are Padme Amidala's EP III Sleepless Knight's gown Pattern M4995
I have 3 patterns left in these size(s):

Sizes(s): 6-8-10-12 asking: 30.00(1 left!)
Size(s): 14-16-18-20 asking 40.00

Picture: http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c196/hathor_sg1x/padmepattern.jpg

As much as I don't want to I'm parting with my Darth Vader Master
Replica Force FX Lightsaber Out Of Print.
This is NOT the cheap kid toys you can pick up at Walmart, Meijer,
Target, K-Mart etc...This is a prop to display or pose with. Great
for a fellow Star Wars Fan.

The Company that once made these has lost the contract with Lucas to
make anymore of the Lightsabers based off the ones from the films.
I'm not willing to go less on the price if I can make back what I
paid for it I would be happy.

Asking $75.00

Pictures: http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c196/hathor_sg1x/stuff001.jpg

You will get the orginal box, display, paperwork. Lightsaber was
displayed for awhile, but in order to make room on my Entertainment
stand I boxed it away.

Buyer must come to my home and pay for the Lightsaber and collect at
the same time. I will not ship!

I also have another force FX Lightsaber I MIGHT be willing to give up
it is Anakin Skywalkers EP III lightsaber. This blade has wear to it
from battle damange on the blade. LED's still light up and work and
every so often the thing will come on by it's self. I beleive it is a
faulty wireing that causes it, but their are guys online who can fix
the problem in it and replace the blade.

Would like 60.00 Comes with the orginal box and everything.

Need help to write a fanfic

Okay I need someone to help me with a Star Wars KOTOR II/Stargate Altantis crossover

I got parts of chapters 1 and 2 started and I'm posting them here as sneak peaks and yes bad spelling and all so you will have to deal with it for now.


Darth Nihilus Costume for sale!

That's right guys I got a DARTH NIHILUS fabric parts ONLY to sell you!

I can make sizes XS-XL!


Please help me out if you can I'm not working anymore and sewing/taking costume orders is about all I can do now to make any cash to pay some of my bills!

If you need a costume please tell me what it is you want and I will see if I can do it.
Hmm Been awhile since I bothered to look/post on here. After 2.5 months of work and beatings fro ma few fellow Nihilus people I have completed my outfit, but I'm just awaiting to go through the 501st now to get it approved.
Keeping my fingers crossed it'll get approved. Here's a picture the rest can be found here on this link: http://s27.photobucket.com/albums/c196/hathor_sg1x/Darth%20Nihilus/?start=20

Well I'm going to Motor City Comic Con.

YAY! I love friends who actally give a damn about their friends and not just themselves.

Dar and Panda talked sense into me and got me to try the whole 'being soical thing' once again. Much to my dismay it involed me getting dragged out into the mall which met dealing with the public and huge crowds since I spent a month in isolation and starting to bottle up everything since nobody seemed to give a rats ass I was on my way into a nice spell of depression.

My appitie is slowly comming back, but I still can't sit and wolf down an entire pizza like I used to, which I guess is good though. I'm already fat.

Viv is learning to keep her mouth shut, but the tempation to be mean back to her is chewing in the back of my mind and I keep resisting to do it.

Ah yes, Motor City Comic Con.

I will be attending, but I don't think I will be able to afford Dragon*Con now due to these debuts I'm stuck in. I had planned for a 3 day trip over in Grand Rpaids i nthe state and I don't want to miss it.

Unless I do some serious ass commisons and reach my goal of 1500.00 for D*C Nobody will be seeing me once again. I want to go but finically I don't think I can afford it and then turn around and have to pay for Youmacon and two months later Ohayocon.

I know I'll have Morgan to room with and maybe some other Michiganer's but I think I'd honestly feel safer with one more bout in the Midwest Region befoure I venture further out to do something.

Many of you know my reasons why I prefer this method. I know our Midwest 'family' better and I can always spot a friendly face I've seen sevral times from Youmacon.

Ohayocon it's currently:
*Fluff Jedi

I think I'm keeping the roomies down to 5. I'm not going to do anymore then that. Since I'm staying at the Durry Inn again.
A few items up for grabs. Need to sell these ASAP. I owe 350.00 on car repairs that I need to pay back as soon as I can.

Wii Super Smash Brawl game, 3 Harry Potter DVD's, Stargate SG-1 DVD boxset, SAILOR MOON WandCollapse )

Star Wars KOTOR II FanFic Atton/Exile

This is not one of my best writings, needed something to purge my head. So this bad thing rolled out of my brain.

PARADECollapse )
This bag was released around the 3rd films appreance. I picked it up at Hot Topic and since X-Mas I finally gave in and placed this into Retirement where it now sits with the rest of the crap I refuse to part with.

Due to my costume for the 501st and limited funds from work I will sell this in order to make the money for my Gloves I need or the belt.(neaither of which are cheap)

I know this was hard to fin and when I saw it on Fee-Bay a few times it was going for 50.00-60.00 on a new one. I've given it some wear, it has everything it came with, all zippers are in-tack with it and the pullers.

If interested please make an offer, but if you want it please be willing to pay for it ASAP. I really need the funds and can't be left hanging.



Mar. 21st, 2008

Seasons 4-6 left of STARGATE SG-1 on DVD

3 PS2 Games are up for grabs!

Samurai Warriors 2


PS2 games up for sale

I have the following PS2 games for sale: Taking offers!

Game is MINT(Comes with the Mannuel/Disk/Org. Box), rarely played since I don't care much for the newer stuff Konami has been putting out lately.

*NARUTO Uzumaki Chronicles
Game was bought from BlockBuster, comes with everything. Disk has some wear to it, but it plays fine. I can clean it befoure shipping it to it's new owner.

I can get pictures if anyone is interested.

Shipping will be 3.00(per game) for 1st class + Confirmation.